Plastic Lockers

Plastic Lockers offer a range of Plastic lockers, suitable for indoor, outdoor and wet environments

The Ultrabox™ plastic locker offers a range of advantages over conventional metal lockers.

  • Ultrabox™ Plastic Lockers come in one piece and require no on-site assembly.
  • Ultrabox™ Plastic lockers are robust, hygienic and highly vandal resistant.
  • Ultrabox™ Plastic Lockers are suitable for outdoor use and wet areas
  • Ultrabox™ Plus Plastic locker are also waterproof* - They won’t rust or dent and can be cleaned with a high pressure hose.
  • Ultrabox™ Plastic Lockers have a 10 YEAR GUARANTEE

This range of lockers comes in the following standard sizes;

Full Height Lockers
  • 2-Door - Size 1800mm(high) x 325mm(wide) x 450mm(deep)
  • 3-Door - Size 1800mm(high) x 325mm(wide) x 450mm(deep)
  • 4-Door - Size 1800mm(high) x 325mm(wide) x 450mm(deep)
Mini Lockers
  • 1-Door - Size 450mm(high) x 325mm(wide) x 450mm(deep)
  • 2-Door - Size 900mm(high) x 325mm(wide) x 450mm(deep)

The following accessories are available for Ultrabox™ Plastic lockers

  • Sloping Tops.
  • Stands.
  • Seats with stands.
  • Wet and Dry range of locks.

The Ultrabox™ Plastic locker come with grey bodies and a choice of door colours;

  • Red.
  • Blue.
  • Yellow.
  • Grey.

Each door comes with a label position as standard 

Plastic Lockers are ideally suited to:
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Nursing Homes
  • Swimming Pools
  • Food and Beverage Production
  • Marine Industry
  • Waste Management
  • Outdoor Pursuits

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Project Name: FBT GYM

FBT Gym contacted looking for new lockers to be installed into their state of the art gym. Choosing the correct locker with the right colour chose was so important to the client....


Retail Store

Two tier zen lockers with seating and stands complete with laminated trespa doors with hasp and staple locking. Seating fully enclosed with trespa. Client required Lockers to cater for multi user with both wet and dry clothing ...


Project Name: St. Marks School installed a large number of 2 and 3 tier probe school lockers. This client was looking for a strong durable locker along with being able to match theses lockers on an on-going basis....

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